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Book a phone call with me if you are looking for a more personal touch to your readings. We can talk about a wide range of readings, from learning how to read your sidereal birth chart to a 13 Signs Astrology Master Class and everything in between.

Energy Center Reading

25 Minutes. This session is for returning clients with new questions or inquiries.

Emergency Phone Reading

35 Minutes. A short notice session can be scheduled only in the case of emergencies.

Mentorship Session

1 Hour. This session focuses on helping clients achieve their happiness goals. You will receive guidance in areas of spirituality, mental health, and finance.

Life Coaching Mentorship

Get four one-hour mentorship sessions on a monthly subscription basis. These sessions are aimed at helping you achieve your personal happiness goals.

Repeat Question or Enquiry Reading

25 Minutes. This session is for clients who wish to discuss the same subject as a previous session.

New Client Phone Reading

25 Minutes. This session is for first-timers who have never had a reading with me.

Friday Readings

15 Minutes. You can book this session only once a month. You’re requested to stick to one subject of your choice and not ask repeat questions.

IG Reading for Love

Get your desired video reading about your love life. I’ll email you a private link within 48 hours of your booking.


How do they feel about you?


How do they feel about you & what’s their next move?


How do they feel about you sexually? What will happen next?


3-min video $35.00


5-min video $45.00


7-min video $50.00

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