Loaded Spiritual Protection Candle


Harley’s World™️ Signature 7 day Protection Candle. This type of candle burns best to undo any hex or blockage. This can clear any spells, wanted or unwanted. Best if used when blockages have been a factor in hindering ones success. This candle is good for protecting you from negative thoughts, spells, curses and energy directed toward you by others.

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Candle comes ready to burn with herbs & oils.

Please do not leave candles unattended and burn responsibly! Burn for 30 mins a day, wick should be cleared of herbs first.

It is best to let the candle burn down without blowing it out, if you must put it out please snuff the flame not blow it.

In the unfortunate event you receive a broken candle please send us an email @13SignsTarot@gmail.com and we will be happy to resend a replacement.


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